In our yoga center in Chania we try to focus in whatever that could inspire and benefit our evolution.

Based on practice in yoga we maintain a daily schedule of classes within a week. These classes are focused in yoga asana, mudra and pranayama. Through the practice, we understand the theory too.
We also offer Vedic astrology-reading sessions that can benefit and advise our life as a good friend in any period of it.
For anyone who wants a massage is available by our collaborators.
Sessions using sound through Indian classical music (see articles), chanting, practicing vocal or singing balls & gong sound bath. Sound is a 'subtle' therapeutic approach, quite beneficial.
As we are aware in what 'we put' into our mind, important is the approach of nutrition too.
Through our collaborators, an advisory diet is offered in order to benefit each practitioner.

Speeches, discussions, or ‘satsang’ as we call in the yogic language are happening time to time inspiring and supporting our practice.
A group meditation every week for those that are practicing it too.

To be informed for our various events and activities, which are happening here, you can send your email to add it in our list.