Astrology has been a part of our daily life since the time of its creation until today.
Through studying it we can observe how universe cause thinks that are happening in human life.
Deepen in this subject we can find out the relation of the planets with our daily life and also essential facts of life. By its practice, each one will be able to experience more awareness and benefited.
Though a horoscope, we can receive important information about character and nature of a human being. For example, each of the 12 houses that are represent a chart symbolizes various issues such as housing, profession, relations, emotional state, spiritual tense, perception, to name a few.
The position of a planet in a certain house and depending on the situation will ‘color’ and greatly affect our lives. It's obvious the permissiveness that we accept from the phases of the Moon or the presence or absence of the Sun.
An important detail of Vedic astrology is the emphasis it gives to the Moon. The 12 signs are more detailed in 27 Nakshatras (asterisms) through them we can have important information about our evolution in this life. This is how the seasons are calculated (Maha Dashas as they are called) that we are going through from the time of birth for 120 years. Within these seasons, we experience the influence of each of the 9 planets that Vedic Astrology deals. So each season a particular subject will become more relevant, will come to the surface and will bring a result.
Issues like when a good time for personal or professional development, spiritual search, marriage and all matters that could concern us can be seen from there. The role of astrology it is like a good friend, which knows us well as much as we know ourselves and can advise us. A good advice at the appropriate period could change the whole life.

We can approach it as if we were watching the weather report. Seeing it raining in the next few days, we know we cannot stop the rain (or destiny) but we will wear waterproof jacket, or we will use an umbrella so that we do not get wet until the rain stops.
With the support of astrology, we are inspired to be aware in each period of life, to observe the impermanence and act wisely with patience.