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3 day seminar

The rationale of the seminar is the deepening of the personal practice in a space where the high altitude covers these criteria and creates a special scenery for substantial development of our practice.

The retreat will be at the east part of the White Mountains in the refuge of Tauri at 1200m.
To approach the Tauri Mountain refuge is almost one-hour hike in a beautiful kind of ‘Cretan’ forest.

Around that area are many nice small and longer hikes, in the Niato plateau, in the Sfakian gorge,

or even few summits like Kastro at 2219m.
That will offer us the change to hike more and maybe meditate outside, under the trees in the afternoon.


Our stay at the resort will be comfortable as it offers large space and warm atmosphere.

The seminar will take place in a room with big windows which will provide natural light and beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The fireplace and the wood stove will offer a special touch of warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

In our free time we can enjoy short walks in the nature gazing the view and lose ourselves staring

at the sunset or the clear sky.

The schedule

Our day will start with meditation.

Each can meditate according to the technique he/she wishes as soon as it is silent.

The morning practice will be 'myshore' (self practice), each can work depending on his pace and level.

In the afternoon there will be another meditation practice (if the weather permits that will be outside in nature).

At 17.00 the 2nd part of the seminar starts, beginning with a guided yoga class during which we will try to deepen in Asana, Mudra & Pranayama.

After the dinner, issues related to the philosophy of yoga and how its principles can be applied

to our practice and our lives in general will be discussed.


The day will start with a hot herb tea for invigoration and warmth before the first meditation.

There will be plenty of fruits if someone wishes to have a light meal before the practice.

After the morning practice we will offer morning meal.

In the evening after the second yoga class there will be another meal.

All meals will be vegetarian.

If anyone wishes coffee or some other herb tea or snack during the day he/she

can order it from the kitchen of the resort.

What you will need


-comfortable warm clothes

-waterproof jacket

-shoes suitable for walking (mountaineering/athletic)


-sheets, towels

-yoga mat, preferably light


It would be beneficial to hold only the absolutely necessary in order for the carrying of your rucksack

to be easier during the walking.


Duration of the seminar

Beginning. Friday 23/9/2022 at 16.00

End. Sunday 25/9/2022 at 20.00

Meeting point and return : Vamvouka 3, Chania or at the village of Askufou (if someone has his/her own vechile)


The cost of the seminar includes.

-Walking from and to the resort.

-Yoga lessons

-Speeches and

-Morning and evening meals

-Overnight stay.


The number of the available positions for the seminar is limited for 12 persons and for that reason priority

will be given to those who will register the soonest.



March to November 2020

By practicing yoga every day or as much time as possible, we notice important changes in ourselves.
In that seminar we are going to practice intensively for five days.
In the morning, we are going to have personal practice (Mysore), a kind of lesson that is going to be followed by an introduction to Pranayama.
After that, in the afternoon, we are going to have a special group practice focusing on backbends and hip openers.

The program is going to be

9.00 am: Mysore (Monday to Friday).
10:30 am: Prayanama & Chanting (Monday to Friday).
18.00 am: Backbending (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday).

Information concerning the program:
Mysore practice is already famous to those who practice the method of Asthanga Vinyasa yoga. For those who need tutoring, it will be available.
Pranayama lesson will provide the necessary foundation for daily practice. If anyone has already been practicing it, we will emphasize the in depth focus.
In the afternoon the lesson will specialize in the backbends and hip openers.
It will offer another aspect and will support the morning practice. We will not use any special order or flow as it is the usual practice. Instead we will emphasize the flexibility more.
Any simple or difficult Asana is practiced in a repetitive way in order to be suitable and helpful to everyone.
Although there will be a group tutoring in the beginning, afterwards, everyone will work individually, focusing on his/her own needs.
The advanced and focused on details approach on the steps where we touch each Asana and the slow breathing bring us with every repetition to a deep meditation where the body and the spirit become one.
Many of people have seen the advantages of that method, so we continue with enthusiasm and interest to change and transform our existence in something more beautiful.

Duration of the seminar.
  Monday to Friday

 We begin at 9.00 am and finish after the morning practice of the last day.





We often consider a yoga practice approach to be advanced in relation with what appears to be right or advanced in the eye… However, yoga has more to offer that can olny be experienced through deep practice.
Relaxing the face, keeping a deep and steady flow of breathing, a suitable and comfortable asana approach often enables us to receive something higher within our heart. 
During the week, we will work on the primary series, that has a therapeutically approach by its nature, giving emphasis to as many details as possible, encouraging the flow and feeling of meditation though movement that is already occurring.
Practice will take place in the morning and evening.
Morning practice will focus on an individual approach for each practitioner, while the evening group sessions will explore details and ways of improving and advancing this particular method.
We will use Asana, Pranayama, Mudras & Vedic chanting.

The schedule

8:00 Mysore self-practice
10:00 Pranayama & Chanting 
18:00 Analysis and building an individual practice that suits the nature of each practitioner 
 Philosophical basis of the practice


Information concerning the program

Mysore or self-practice is known to all that have practiced the method of Asthanga Vinyasa yoga.
However, during this week we will approach it in a very slow way, giving emphasis to details, flow and repetitions of Asanas in order to deepen in our practice.

The Pranayama class will prepare us to build a daily practice while for those that already practice they can deepen more in it.

The evening class will work more in details with basic aspects of the practice using Asana as a way to experience the benefits of a method that works in our body and soul, including helpful tools like our gaze, the sound and flow of breath, ease / comfort and variations of each aspect of the practice. Evening classes will give us another point of view and thus support our already established morning practice.

After a short break, we will spend time to approach the philosophical basis of Yoga through selected sutras, articles, or personal views, questions and thoughts from our experiences.

We will close the seminar with a led class on Saturday morning at 8:00 am.
This final practice will give us the opportunity to experience the group energy that has been build during the previous days, allowing for emotions to flow between us with intimacy and easy.

During the useful time of this seminar, we will approach many aspects / levels of our practice, keeping in mind that a practitioner does not need to adapt to a method but the method can adapt to the practitioner in order to serve and support each individual and phase of his / her own life.
This Advanced Yoga primary series course is addressed to everyone that is willing to deepen and experience the inner side of this practice.


Duration of the seminar

Monday to Saturday
We begin at 8.00 am and finish after the morning practice of the last day.